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Originally Posted by myocean View Post
So here we can compare a Pogo 12.50 with an Elan 380:
(black= J409 Red=D40e Blue=E380 Brown=E350 Green=Pogo 12.50)

OK, The Pogo is a bit longer, but the differences seem to be quite significant. Still this are all theoretical values...

6K wind at 70º = 6K (6.7)(6.4)(6.2) (6.8)

speed 8K wind at 60º = 7K (7.3)(7.1) (6.9) (7.7)

12K wind at 70º = 8K (8.2) (7.8) (7.2) (8.91)

25K wind at 110º = 10K (10.6) (10) (9.8) (13.7)

25K wind at 150º = 10.5K (10.8) (11.2) (11.2) (15.5).

Yes it is! However I wonder how important that is. Aren't other things much more important when you are on your way?
I think more interesting is the question how much more bumpy a ride with the Pogo is...

A real comfort-plus of the Pogo is the cockpit: Really huge and without an annoying wheel.

And regarding space for the dinghy: Pogostructures writes about the 12.50 "At the back of the boat, a free space will receive the dingy while you change moorings."

Ulf, you're speaking to the converted (at least me) regarding the Pogo. The 12.50 would be a dream boat, the 10.50 a more reasonable investment for me.

I have no issue with the spartan interior, but at the same time, for those plunking down 200K€ fitted, I can understand the drawback.

I'm suprized the 10.50 is slower than the ELAN 350 upwind. The 12.50 is a pure racing hull (carbon copy of the new Open 40 class from Finot) and had a big rig so it isn't a suprize to me that it leaves the others in the back of the pack. The 10.50 is a bit more of a compromise design-wise.

My guess is the 10.50 is slower in under 10-12kt wind. Once you get it onto a decent heel around 15-17kts I'd be suprized if it isn't at least as fast. Off and downwind, I believe it would put 2-3 kts on the 350 in like air if it isn't fully loaded. Speed isn't everything of course, and clearly there appear to be some drawbacks that the Elan addresses so it is an interesting debate.