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Originally Posted by myocean View Post
So here we can compare a Pogo 12.50 with an Elan 380:
(black= J409 Red=D40e Blue=E380 Brown=E350 Green=Pogo 12.50)

OK, The Pogo is a bit longer, but the differences seem to be quite significant. Still this are all theoretical values...

6K wind at 70 = 6K (6.7)(6.4)(6.2) (6.8)

speed 8K wind at 60 = 7K (7.3)(7.1) (6.9) (7.7)

12K wind at 70 = 8K (8.2) (7.8) (7.2) (8.91)

25K wind at 110 = 10K (10.6) (10) (9.8) (13.7)

25K wind at 150 = 10.5K (10.8) (11.2) (11.2) (15.5).

Yes it is! However I wonder how important that is. Aren't other things much more important when you are on your way?
I think more interesting is the question how much more bumpy a ride with the Pogo is...

A real comfort-plus of the Pogo is the cockpit: Really huge and without an annoying wheel.
That's unfair to compare the Pogo 12.50 with the Elan 380 . I have compared it with the Jeanneau 409 because they cost about the same price and with the 350, that is less expensive (a lot) just to show what a great performer and cruiser that boat is. To be fair you should compare ir with the dufour 40e or the Elan 410, that are a bit less expensive than the Pogo.

If the boat is for racing, it would not be a good option (contrary to the Elan 350) because the boat is too penalyzed. For fast cruising, both the Elan 410 and the Dufour 40e have a much better interior, are more comfortable going upwind and cost a bit less (if we consider the boats with similar equipment)but the Pogo will have an advantage in what regards sailing in shallow waters. Well, not sailing , just to anchor because while sailing its draft is even bigger.

Regarding speed, from a comparative test with a Dufour 40e, it turns out that both boats will sail close to the wind at the same speed, but with a better angle for the Dufour, that the Dufour is more comfortable and that you can only notice a difference downwind, with the Pogo going several knots faster than the Dufour. The conclusion from the testers was that the Pogo is an Ocean bird and that it can only really make a big difference on Ocean Passages with trade winds.

Now, if you guys are interested in the Pogo, that is a great boat, I guess you should wait some months to have a look at the new Elan 40. The 410 is faster, but I bet that the new Elan 40 is going to be a bullet. That's not hard to figure: it is going to be a 350 with more 50cms


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