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Do some research on the Internet on melanoma. Find out how deep the cancer went through the layers of skin. Find out more about what your situation is yourself. You might even want a second opinion on the pathology. I did so when diagnosed with prostate cancer, but a second opinion at a medical school by a pathologist specializing in the prostate determined that I had something called poorly differentiated PIN cells, which is not cancerous. This particular misdiagnosis happens about 4% of the time. Doctors are sometimes pessimistic, practice defensive medicine to prevent lawsuits, which adds to the stress placed on the patient. Stress causes suppression of the immune system, not good when dealing with cancer, as there is evidence that the body’s immune system is continuously removing cells that become cancerous. If you find that sailing reduces stress, then sail for your health.

A person can have situations in their life causing stress, feelings that are not inspected by the intellect that need to be looked at. In doing so, a person has to put aside the pessimism of their doctors, perhaps being labeled as a difficult patient in doing so, and look at what is going right in ones life, what reduces stress. Some doctors need to have complete control over their patients; however, doctors cannot really know an outcome for a specific patient because there is so much variability genetically, emotionally, ones support system, too many variables. For a look at stress and its influence on the immune system, take a look at the work by Lawrence LeShan who was a psychologist that dealt with terminal cancer patients. He found that if a person could work out the stressors in ones life, that it was possible to have a cancer cure when diagnosed as terminal. Take a look at his book, Cancer As a Turning Point: A Handbook for People with Cancer, Their Families, and Health Professionals by Lawrence LeShan.
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