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Dont Ever Do This

And if you do have this:

Loctite Marine Epoxy by Henkel Corporation - 1405604 - More Epoxies and glues at

ok. im an idiot. so im installing a new floor. wasnt happy with how well the adhesive was working (so ive bought something different and youre about to see why). So my braniac mind decided to drop #8 3/4 inch screws in to secure it. I BET YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING. so, im dropping 7/64 pilot holes and, yep you guessed it, holed my own boat. So here i am (it was only 7/64 thank goodness) like the little dutch boy with my finger over it.
acting quickly i remembered i keep spare marine epoxy that cures wet. grabbed it, mixed it, applied. the little pee pee stream keeps pushing it out of the hole. im getting flabbergasted. for whatever reason, rather than use my finger to apply it i decided to grab a popsicile stick (had em around.. different story) scooped the epoxy from mixing tray and voila it worked.

Now. what do i do to ensure it holds? im thinking about just laying some glass over the repair until i have her plucked for other work.... any thoughts appreciated it.

what a flippin fiasco.
after i stopped it i just stared dumbfounded at the drill saying 'how i could i ever be such a *#$%'in idiot'

edit: Btw the way the epoxy i used is supposedly rated to 3k lbs tensile strength
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