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Originally Posted by PBzeer
I believe that you answered your own question. Be it sailing or otherwise, enjoy what you have, while you have it. That goes for 62, or 26.

Life is full of people who chase that "elusive something" that they think will bring them happiness, only to find it and realize, not only is it not what they thought it would be, but that they missed out on so much while they were looking for it. Things, will never make us as happy as those moments in time when our hearts, or souls, or spirits, are touched by the joy of being alive.

Wow, have you been following me around
I have done so many things I have risked so much and have not found what ever it was that I was looking for - can't even remember what it was I was searching for now. I know I have missed out on a lot because of my obsessions. I keep coming back to boats and the water-it brings back happy feelings and pleasure of just being.

I hope that makes sense
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