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P30s are 'outstanding sailors' for this age and type of boat. I used to race one.

Some hints to give your surveyor before survey that will itemize 'special problems' inherent to P30s:
1. carefully note how well the head door closes !!!!!! If the door jamb doesnt perfectly align (look carefully at the alignment of the 'door handle hardware') If misaligned, it denotes that the 'COMPRESSION POST' base is probably rotted, and has 'compressed' - and the BULKHEAD and the post have 'dropped' and no longer adequately support the mast and the coachroof. The top of the BULKHEAD supports the mast base, not the compression post; the 'compression post' chiefly stiffens the bulkhead and forces the bulkhead 'upwards'.
When this boat was built, Pearson drove a thin wooden 'wedge' under the 'compression post' and then simply 'tabbed' the wedge in place. Since the wedge is IN the bilge, it is highly subject to rot; If there is rot you wont be able to see it because its inside the 'tabbing'. Any rot in the wedge usually transfers also to the post base.
Its an easy fix - just cut the bottom off of the post, jack up the BULKHEAD, and replace the rot with a solid Fiberglass 'pedestal'.

• Rotted deck core at stancheon bases
• Worn out Delrin rudder bearings - there is an easy 'fix'.
• Hull distortions ... due to improper blocking when on the hard, will automatically go back to 'normal' when the boat is in the water; but, when on the hard the boat requires special blocking under only the FRONT and MIDsection of the keel bottom. If the keel is blocked under the AFT section of the keel most times the hull (aft of the keel) will GREATLY distort. If these 'distortions' alarm you (and your surveyor) and become a 'deal breaker' - have the boat 're-blocked' properly (at the POs expense), wait a week or two ... and most all the hull distortions will usually disappear.

hope this helps.

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