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What is good for the same price?

Fine, it's a bad boat. But that doesn't help me any. I would like to purchase a blue water trailerable sailboat for under $30 grand loaded and new. I am a newbie and don't know much about boats so I don't want to buy a used boat since I don't know what to look for in terms of potential problems with used boats. That's why I want a new one. I want a trailerable one because marina fees are expensive and I live in a landlocked place, but near several large lakes, plus I don't want to limit myself to just one lake. I would like to practice sailing on a lake extensively before going to the caribbean, but I'd like to sail the same boat in the caribbean that I practiced with.

I also know that a Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 is much better than a Macgregor 26. Some Japanese guy sailed his from California to Hawaii. However, the Pacific Seacraft costs almost $100 grand bare. Add assorted equipment to it and it could easily cost $110-120 grand. That's more expensive than my home!!!

So, any suggestions, guys? If the Mac is bad, then, what is good for the same price? Thanks a bunch ;-)

Originally Posted by cardiacpaul
ummm, uhhh, how do I put this tactfully....

Jesus, Mary and Joesph, have you lost your mind?

There is no snob factor here, I'd rather arrive alive. If that makes me a snob, so be it.

Yes, I understand that you "can" do a rounder with a Mac26X, Why would you want to? There are people that have done it in a kayak too, I wouldn't be one of those either.

There are any number of boats in the same price range that I would feel much safer on.

If your concern is trailerability, then fine, go with a 26x if you want, keep it out of winds more than 10kts, or waves more that 3 ft, you'll be fine.
An more than that, tighten your PFD, hope for the best, and be prepared for major damage repair if you get back to the dock.

I know of 3, on ONE lake, that are for sale, because the soon to be former owners thought these were the best thing since sliced white bread and sex with an amputee. One former owner was scared off of the water for good, One has marked his down to 5k less than he paid, and the third has purchased a 1978 Catalina 27, to replace his 1999 26x... does that tell ya anything? Hmmm?
And before I get barked at by Mac lovers, I believe they are good boats for what they do. Just know the limitations.
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