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Originally Posted by twisted23 View Post
tampa bay legal question....I have been told that it is NOT legal to live aboard in a private owned slip in the st pete beach area ...citing a non specific city regulation as the basis for the statement ....not only cant live aboard but no over nights at all period. this fact or fiction ? any one know for sure ? or do i just have a cranky neighbor ?
Yeah, well here's a reg from Weekly Crime Report - Latest

Sec. 58-91. Continuous habitation of vessels prohibited; live-aboards.
It shall be unlawful for a person to occupy or live aboard any houseboat or other boat equipped for habitation within the city. This prohibition shall not apply to individuals occupying vessels on a temporary basis for a period not to exceed 72 hours on the condition that the vessel shall contain a Coast Guard approved, self-contained sewage treatment or storage system. The 72-hour period shall not terminate as the result of temporary absence or removal of the vessel.
(Code 1985, s 20-61)
Here's the problem though(all IMO, I am not a lawyer). The state owns the water and has specifically stated that cities can't prohibit cruisers from anchoring on the waterways with a few exceptions. That was done to prevent ordinances like the above complicating boat tourism. Some cities are still working that into their own policies(ie, learning about it), so despite that you can still have a water cop show up and tell you to vacate.

But if you're at a private dock I'd think that could very well be governed by city ordinances since you're tying off on their land.

Plus you may have home owner association rules to deal with. I wouldn't be surprised at all for HMO's to prohibit living on boats at home docks, just like they'd do for RV's in drive ways.

My guess is you're going to have to dig through all the local laws and HMO regs on your own for your local area. I'd seriously doubt anyone could answer you properly since the laws could be all over the map. And "well, Bill the county clerk said I could" won't fly with the sheriff who shows up looking to boot you out. You're going to need to be well versed in all the local ordinances yourself.
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