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A Tanzer 7.5 should have at least 7.5 oz. (eg. high modulus Contender cloth) You can use a 'quality' high modulus 6.5 oz. IF your primary sailing venue is for 'light' to moderate winds.

If you intend on travelling, Id forget full battens and would recommend 2 FULL (& tapered) battens in the top and 2 LONG battens for the lower panels .... less chafe when reefed. Battens: 2 FULL + 2 LONG .... or 2+2.

If you plan a lot of 'travelling', Id also strongly recommend an 'over-the-top' leech cord system so that you can adjust the all important leech tension from the BASE OF THE MAST, instead of 'hanging overboard' trying to adjust a leech cord when on a downwind reach. An over-the-top leech cord system runs to a cheek block mounted to the headboard then runs down the sail luff inside a sleeve, but is 'exposed' and has a cleat at each reef position at the luff. This is beneficial (and safe!!!) when you NEED to adjust the leech tension RIGHT NOW so as to prevent undue leech flogging during a 'blow', etc. ... unfortunately most 'cheapy' mail order lofts usually wont be able to supply such a set-up.

Id also recommend that you discuss with the sailmaker ... to ADD an extra length of LUFF BOLTROPE (stored at the headboard and 'all ready to go') to make future 'easing'/adjustment of the boltrope length EASY and therefore cost effective in the future.
Luff Boltopes on woven dacron sails ALWAYS shrink over time ... and THAT causes a dacron sail to become 'baggy' (draft aft, too much draft, leech hooks to weather - the boat is SLOW, aggressivvely heels and CANT 'POINT'); If the extra boltrope length is 'already there' a sailmaker can do the adjustment 'in about an hour' and doesnt have to do major 'rebuild' or alterations to adjust the boltrope .... this will VASTLY prolong the useful life of a dacron sail. Adjusting the boltrope is cheaper than buying a new sail.
A dacron sail 'should' have the boltrope eased/adjusted probably every 100-200 hours of 'hard' sailing or after each season of 'hard' sailing. Be SURE to personally precisely measure and record the luff length (do this yourself!!!) of the new sail so that any future adjustment can precisely return the luff length to the OEM length, and the sailmaker wont have to 'guess' when doing the all important and periodic 'adjustment' to the boltrope.

hope this helps.

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