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Obviously Johny doesn't understand the legalities of boat ownership or immigration laws. The boat can't be documented in the US because he is not a US citizen. The boat may, for all he knows, be unfit for launch since he's never actually seen it he's just been taking the word of some guy on eBay.

I think we all know what a boat of that value usually is in the US...a derelict in the making. (Sorry, Johny, that's being blunt and candid.) Johny, you won't find a US sailor who wants to get involved because you haven't done YOUR part of the prep work. We're not lazy--we're just not willing to spend thousands of dollars working on a derelict and someone else's dreams.

I can't imagine anyone who can safely sail a boat offshore, who would take on a project of this magnitude with a partner (Johny) that had absolutely no grasp on the legalities involved.

I know, you just want a simple boat to go live on someplace. Well, once you start to involve multiple nations and multiple laws, which you have done by buying a boat overseas, it ain't so simple. I'd suggest you fly into Canada, where they let anyone in, then sneak across the border into NY and hitch down to NJ, all for free. Then you can "just" launch the boat and go live on it, the way you plan.

Other than that--you're not going to get anything. For all you know, the "owner" and his "relative" are working a scam where they repeatedly sell a boat and then repossess it with yard liens. I'm not saying they are doing that, but it sure is possible.

No one here is going to get involved in this project, Johny. Anyone who has the skills to launch that boat, is going to expect to be paid for their work.
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