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Lets see now--should we blame the GPS? Or, should we blame the idiot that was so stupid that she drove into Death Valley during the height of summer (120 degrees f) with a 6-year-old kid, and wasn't smart enough to carry food, water, etc.., which is posted on signs everywhere you drive in this area?

Blame the GPS, of course. Now you can bring a class action suit against the manufacturer, and sue them for millions. Whoops, better also sue the USGS for not updating the maps and telling everyone that road was closed. (She probably didn't read that sign either.) What the Hell was on her mind. Driving alone with a a 6-year-old kid, in the middle of the nation's largest,hottest desert just isn't real smart.

My long deceased father had some pretty neat sayings that I would like to pass along. "The average person is well below average." And, "Common sense isn't very damned common these days."

Ironically, the idiot that wrote that story had to search long and hard to come up with this one. There are probably 50-million people using GPS systems every day without encountering a problem. He managed to find one and tried to make a front-page story out of it. I guess he was looking for some sort of blood and guts sensationalism type of story that was really unique, instead of the regular, daily blood and guts stories like car wrecks, homicides, wars, rapes, floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, plane crashes, etc...


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