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Mid, keep in touch, I was able to find a kind person in Annap who let me tie up to their dock last year a week before the start. Really made it posible for me to do the race. Need to look him up again in March or April. What do you draw?

Coastgaurd foundation is putting together an 80 miler that starts and stops in annapolis b/c people are tired of delivering the boats. To me, it seems great if you're from annapolis. Sucks for everybody else. It'll also be a chance for Jim Muldoon to strut up and down the bay and show off.

DTB is a great time, last boat in our fleet finished on SUNDAY around 0700. Get this, they were still in great spirits. If I wasn't sleeping like a baby in a coma, I would've welcomed them on the dock. They were in cruising trim and loved the trip down the bay. Hampton YC is a nice place. Your boat would do just fine, and if I can find 3 guys to crew for me on a 3000 lbs boat that's 24.5' long, than finding 6 to crew a 36' boat should be a cakewalk (bribe them). I can ask around if you decide to do it. SA is a great resource as well. Logistics for a distance race suck. Plain and simple. But ask around, shop for cheap transient slips, you don't need electric, or water, etc. You'd be amazed at what some people pay for a regatta. ARW cost one skipper $2,000 for 32' boat not including entry fees.

[rant]Only thing I didn't like about DTB was that the committee didn't wait around for the race to end for all classes. Like not even the first place boats from each class. I guess after sitting on a boat drinking beer, you really should rush back to the party to...... drink more beer. Instead of giving a horn to those who bashed through bay chop for the past 34 hours [/rant]

Agreed on the reason distance races are dieing. People don't want to put in the time, effort and money into a race and then come in the bottom 1/3 of the fleet. Somewhere a long the lines people stopped competing, and started either winning or losing. I race sailboats b/c its fun. I have more fun when I win, less when I lose, but I always have fun.

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