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Manatees vs. Man and the Caloosahatchie River

Thats interesting....seems I''ve read information put out by the State of Florida some time ago about the West Indian Manatee that is presently in our waters that indicated that they were not indigenous as a species. In fact the same document stated that they were first brought to Florida as food for the railroad workers down in the Keys.... One never knows what is truth anymore, eh? organization that I would be disinclined to believe for a moment would be the SMC people.....afterall, the Manatee is their "cash cow", so anything, to include disputable disinformation in the form of propaganda is to their financial benefit, otherwise they would have to find real jobs.

Don''t get me wrong....I have nothing against Manatees, nothing at all. And I do think that they, like most of God''s creatures deserve some protection from the ravages of man. But I do object to people who use lawyers and emotion coupled with "storm trooper tactics" to get their way. Sometimes I think their goals have naught to do with the preservation of the Manatee''s....but more their own egotistic power plays. I do understand their agenda....the complete and total elimination of all boats from Florida waters.

To see some of how the SMC really works... you might want to go to and go to the "Ask the Captain" forum and do a search on "Whitney Marina"....kind of interesting to see how the SMC abuses the legal system..........

Me, I would hope that common sense would prevail and some good method would be found to protect these animals....before someone who loses his property rights and ability to enjoy his property or boat goes off the deep end and goes "postal" on a bunch of manatees, like some of the commercial netters did over the gill nets. I wonder how the SMC would feel to know that they effectively contributed to the demise of the very creature they "said" they were trying to protect?
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