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Living aboard in FL

My name is Chris and i'm new to this forum and thread stuff. Anyway, i'm a converted power boater 38' Chris Craft, to a 35' John Allmand tri-cabin with a 4'2" shoal draft and a 29hp Yanmar. I had lived off and on, on the Chris Craft for 3 years. The last about 5 months full time. Stayed in a hotel for 3 weeks after I sold the Chris Craft and semi- out fitted the John Allmand. (new floors, heat and air, Cleaned it up a bit) I've been onboard now since July, (about 8 months) and enjoy it. I have a lot of questions about how to continue to out fit it, and many more about cruzing.
I've boated for 20+ years, i'm 39 years old. Sailed my young adult life, small boats (sunfish, lazers, Etc.) nothing over '24. I was a member of the Coast Gaurd Aux. (coxswain, vessal inspector, VFC, Etc.)
I try to sail most weekends, weather permitting, and i'm always tinkering about. I'd like to sail the FL Keys, Bahamas, and beyond. I thought the John Allmand was a great start. The beyond part I might need a different boat.
Well, that's me in a nut shell. I guess it's time for a question.
I'm have a hard time making up my mind on what type of electrical system to go with. Currently I have a 120v panel and a 12v panel. Two battery banks, one is 2-125ah deep cycles (250ah new), the other is 2 750cca starting batteries. I have a 120v 10amp charger 5/5 and a 50amp alt. on the yanmar. I'm just day sailing now but when it warms up I want to extend that to 2-3 day trips and maybe 2-4 weeks before hurricane season.
Do I increase my alt. to 80amps, put a wind gen. or solar panels? How about a 3 or 4 kw gen.. should I add more bat. to my 250ah bank or set up 3 bat. banks. I would like to put a small inverter on for TV and music, etc..
Just the first of many questions. I guess it's multiple questions. I was spoiled on the Chris Craft, 7.5kw gen., 10-6v bat. to power a 2500w inverter, three chargers, 20gh watermaker, holding tank and eletrasan, a heafty fuel bill, on and on. Now I have a fresh start. I want to do it right for what i'm going to do. Weekend and 2-4 week cruzing.
I apprecate any and all input.
Thanks in advance,
(please excuse the spelling and grammer mistakes!! Can't find spell check!)
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