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Originally Posted by sailingdog View Post
Too bad, they're great boats, but my opinion might be a bit biased.
It may actually be your fault I started looking more seriously at them. Some post you made on another thread in contrast to a power sailor, suggesting a trimaran which if properly power would go just as fat as the power sailor or on a windy day, go that fast anyway. Just got me kind of thinking about my goals and the best way to achieve them. That and multi-hulls being familiar territory with the HobieCat. That may be some of the reason for the disappointment with my current boat.

SA/D is just one of many factors that goes into determining how fast a boat is. If two boats have the exact same SA/D but one is a longer, more modern design with a high-aspect bulb keel and high-aspect mast and sail plan, and the other is a shorter, full keel with gaff rig, the first is going to be a lot fast that the second because it will have a longer waterline, less underwater drag, and a more efficient sail plan.
And that is the reason for the discussion, trying to really determine what to look for in a boat that you want to be fast. Even from you comments, I would not know the B235 was that much faster than the Hunter Edge.

I'm really amazed more people don't care more about speed. Its that effortless forward motion that makes sailing relaxing. If the boat always feels like its struggling to move, your brain struggles too. I remember the very first boat I ever road on as a kid. It was a large under powered cabin cruiser that struggled against the waves. I remember hating it, because the motor working hard, made me work hard. Later learned to sail on lightweight fast dingies and found it very relaxing as there was no effort. The boats just glide along. The cat does the same thing and just effortlessly glides along. My current boat just feels like I'm trying to sail a bowling ball. I've been on some larger boats that were nearly the same way, not as bad as my boat, but never got that gliding feeling either.

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