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"Why can't one find polars,"
BECAUSE THEY COST MONEY. You can in fact have any boat measured and have polars (a VPP profile) run on the boat, if you want to pay for it. And racers regularly DO pay for it.
But the pikers in the mass market only want to know that this boat costs $19,995 and can be financed for $299 a month, while that other boat costs, ooh, $20,495 and $319 a month, and that's way more money, way too much.
So they buy the cheaper boat and who cares about all those confusing NUMBERS on the POLARS?

That's reality in any mass market, Dave. Get used to it. You want facts, you want numbers, you don't want to buy what the nice man in the shiny suit is best for you? You're gonna have to spend money and do homework, because you're bucking The System and they won't stand for that.

You want a fast boat? That's easy to find. Go racing. Go hang on a committee boat and work with the RC, every one of them needs and welcomes help. See which boats are winning, see which boats have one design (OD) classes. See which boats are part of the "sail of the month club" where the owners buy new sails every month to keep their competitive edge. (Nice if you have the wallet for it.)

But don't expect the guys who are in the business strictly to make a profit, to make your life easy. They'd rather sell you the wrong boat four or five times than sell you just one. There's no money to be made in selling just one.
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