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Originally Posted by theoceanaire View Post

She ALWAYS gets out of the slip. She ALWAYS travels. It is pretty easy to dismiss our work and our result as a "dock boat", but it would be nicer for those nay-sayers to just admit that they don't want to/can't/or don't really love their vessel enough to take better care of her. We understand the finanical limits of some owners, but rest assured that we also do most of the work ourselves, so it sometimes boils down to putting in the elbow grease necessary to get things done right ONCE. Our diligence is rewarded with much less downtime than alot of our fellow sailors with much less complicated boats. It comes down to doing it right at the start, not taking the easiest or cheapest route to a repair. Good equipment lasts, cheap crap is well . . . cheap crap. "Discount" boat part sites may be cheaper, but cheap stuff gives cheap results. We have always over bought, such as buying the next pump size up instead of the bare minimum for the job. The same applies to electrical items and plumbing items. For example, our toilets are from HeadHunter Heads in Fort Lauderdale. More money? Yes. but in 3 years of constant year round use, never a clog, jam or toilet being taken apart. Same with the water maker. Makes about 30 gals an hour, but then we only have to run it one hour, as opposed to the cheaper units that you run for 6 hours and have to pickle etc and have constant problems. As far as the interior finish, it was done once, at great expense, but now it just needs vinegar and water to keep it looking like new.
"why bother?", so you can spend less time fixing your boat and more time enjoying it!
Ocean - don't worry about it. You've got a crazy nice boat. If people don't like it - so what? Furthermore, you actually sail it! I, for one, respect that.

Also I'm definitely with you on the enjoy-more-than-fix approach to sailing.

But, dude, there's no way you're ever getting me to put a mink throw in my quarter-berth. I'm more the manly, plaid Snuggie kind of guy.

30 gallons an hour on that watermaker???? Holy crap! What is it?
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