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Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Not as bad as you paint it. Fact is that this boat offers 3 cabins with good privacy, a good sea galley (they have not photos but it is described as so on the test from Solo Vela), a chart table were it should be, at the center of the boat, with the engine below the seat on a central position and a spacious saloon.

I would have preferred an open space (saloon/Galley) but I could live better with this solution than with a solution without doors, like on the Pogo. Sure, if that boat is to be used for a couple it would be alright, but for two couples, or for one with grown up kids? And that would be my case.

Yes, BB74 is right. This is a race boat, but also one that has everything needed to cruise (with privacy) and a reduced draft. Contrary to the Pogo 12.50 the Este 40 is a boat that can race on the 40class without being ridiculous (was won already some races). It's a true dual purpose Ocean fast boat.

Call me crazy but if they offer me the two boats to chose I would have taken the Este 40. I wouldn't resist to race the boat occasionally and cruise it most of the time and with a boat like that...I guess that I would cruise to far away places

Of course, all good things come with a price and the one for this baby is substantially bigger that the one for the Pogo.


[I]"De gustibus non est disputandum."[I] This interior is very atypical and since my wife is quite happy with the already very minimalistic but otherwise classical one of the 12.50, I don't think I should push my luck and try something like the Este 40. As the French say: "Ce que femme veut, Dieu veut!"
And I also think it would be only a small job to fit two more doors in the 12.50 .

But if you also would like to race even occasionally within the Class 40 fleet (handicap racing is probably no option with any of these boats), the Este is certainly first choice. In this respect, it is rather something in between the Pogo's 12.50 and 40S2 (ultra light weight, torpedo keel, water ballasts, "casquette" with dedicated watch positions in the cockpit) and this probably also explains the higher price.

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