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The Internet says there are over 3500 types of me however, there are two: There are dead roaches, and there are the ones I haven't killed yet.

I guess it should have been expected, roaches are all over the place in Hawaii anyway and a 40 year old CAL 30' would be a perfect breeding ground. After finally getting the paperwork finished, I arrive at the marina on Saturday morning, rolled my sleeves up and went to work.

My goal was to sleep aboard that night. I got about 85% of the boat cleaned, filled the trash dumpster with plenty of old junk. Went out to eat and pick up a few more cleaning supplies that night, only to come back to find 10-15 roaches scurry out of sight when I turned on the lights.

I immediately began an assualt, had about 5 of their bodies crushed and lifeless in my trash bag before fatigue kicked in and I pulled my position back to the cockpit for the evening.

Sunday morning came soon enough, I awoke at sunrise, determined to double my efforts. A early morning trip to Home Depot gave me a chance to stockpile WMDs and other strategic devices of cockroach killing.

I got all kinds of good stuff, 4 pounds of boric acid powder, fumagation bombs, instant kill spray can (with a country fresh scent, no less), roach hotels and a borlic acid gel.

The situation was this: I held the cabin during the day, however, once the sun set, I had to give back the control. I realized that I need to make a decisive first that would put fear into those little bastards. I decided to invade their homeland...the Bilge.

My first strike consisted of a fumagation bomb...or "bug bomb". The instructions said not to use in rooms less than that point, I made the decision that my entire boat was one large room, just sub-divided into smaller places. And my boat is larger than 5x5, so I'm safe. There was nothign else the instructions said that concerned me, so I made preparations, began the arming process and gathered my things for an immediate evac.

The package said I would have 2 minutes to leave the area. I sealed all the windows, closed all hatches, poured the water up to the line in the cup...everything was goign perfect. I set the cup in the bilge, set the canister in the water and let out a devilish laugh.

Oh noes!!! Somebody set up us the bomb!!!!

I begain calmly gathering my things, grabbed my camera and laptop. This is when things went a little hairy. A strange hissing sound was coming up from the bilge hatch...I poked my head inside...yup, the bomb is hissing. Wait...its only been 20 seconds, I'm supposed to have longer. The hissing started getting louder and the air was filling with the unmistakable smell of pesticide. I grabbed what I could and am not afraid to admit I ran out of there like a little girl. I boarded up my entry way, took a short breather, and made my way to the car.

Driving home, visions of my gas-filled boat and the still plugged-in refrigator compressor going off filled my head. Should I go back? Naw...the instructions didn't say anything about that... The last thing I wanted was to go back to my boat to find it in flames with the roaches dancing on the mast pole sticking out of the water...

I'm proud to announce that my operation was a resounding success. 4 hours later I reentered the cabin and I found no less than 18 dead or dying bodies on the floor. I spent the rest of the afternoon litterally coating everthing in my boat with a layer of borlic acid, setting up roach motels and applying gel to cracks and crevices. I setup borlic acid on my docklines to prevent a retaliation strike from the roaches on land and feel confident that I have sealed the survivors off from the outside world.

I slept aboard that night, didn't see a single roach all night. Another month or so of follow up bombs every weekend should finish them well as keeping the boric acid fresh and intact.

I will be doing preventive measures from now on, but this was a great stike to control their numbers. Those bombs really work well and I can't stop suggesting borlic acid and/or diamaticous earth...both are safe for humans, just be careful where you put it if you have pets or children...always read the instructions, even if you don't follow them.

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