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Originally Posted by HeartsContent View Post
It's the Pirates that are to be blamed in any instance and their reach is extending.
For the kidnapping, yes. For exposing the children to the known liklihood of being kidnapped - that is the responsibility of the people sailing the boat (I am assuming the parents).

Piracy needs to be stopped, I don't disagree. Going into the "why hasn't it been stopped" and "what we should do to stop it" lines of conversation will get this thread yanked (like the other one), so I will refrain from that.

On the responsibility of captains for the well-being of their crew (especially, though not only, children) is something that I think we can discuss here. And, quite frankly, I don't think the people making the decisions in regards to sailing the waters they were kidnapped in were doing a spectacular job of that.

I cannot think of a good reason to take my kids into those waters KNOWING the risk of being boarded and held for ransom. It's not a secret what's going on over there.

It's appeasing attitudes that provide the moral compromise necessary to provide the bad guys the rope to continue their activities.
I don't think it is "appeasement" to discuss the wisdom of taking youngsters into pirate infested waters. I think the two discussions are distinct from one another and discussing one does not imply an opinion in the other.

I personally think there is (many politically charged) reasons to deal with the pirate problem and (many politically charged) methods of doing so. I also think there are (politically charged) reasons for why it hasn't been done. My opinion on that has nothing to do with the fact that I think taking children into those waters and regularly blogging one's position is monumentally stupid.

Stopping piracy is simple and you don't have to kill a single one. Simply sink their vessels when you find weapons fire or weapons on board (or video from a Helo/Drone). They simply will not have any vessels and hence cannot execute their trade. It's pretty darn simple but there is no motivation to truly stop this.
I WANT to answer this but cannot. If you want to get the full breadth of opinion on this issue, start a thread in the Off-Topic subforum... or (if you are feeling brave) start it in the Political subforum (where there be dragons )
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