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Are you looking at getting rid of "about time"? An SF3200 would keep you in the same brand of boats..............

Marty, I'm not clear as to what you mean?
Paulo & bb74- amazing! Thank you!I will have to send you the address of the dealer I buy from so that you may collect your commission! What you wrote made perfect sense. Faster, more storage space, less expensive and I'm assuming slightly more "seaworthy" due to the extra size and displacement. I am having a little difficulty find specifics on the "old generation" of A40's. I have seen plenty for sale, but hard to find reviews and prints. I am writing from the US and have always planned on making my purchase in Europe, so would I be exempt from VAT? Any recommendations as to the best place to test sail an older A40(along with a few newer models such as the Elan 350, etc just to feel the difference)?
You should think about seasons and weather / temps you want to be sailing, moored, anchored or docked at. This will have a bearing on the creature comforts and interiors you should be looking for.

2nd, I'd suggest thinking about where you want to cruise - little if any tide swing in the Med, different elsewhere. Do you need a boat that can beach or are you fine anchoring a half mile off the beach ;-).

3rd, how many days / weeks you plan on going without topping off at the docks?

4th, how may people will join you and what time of comforts are they looking for? It's one thing to be a single bohemian... another to expect all guests to do likewise if you want to see them more than once.

5th, why 3 years? That's a very, VERY long time on a boat for about 99.999% of the world population. If it is 3 years non-stop, day in and day out, I'd suggest going with a "comfortable pair of shoes" as opposed to those pocket rockets. A nice compromise is the RM 1050 as has been seen previously on this thread. Other cruisers will give more comfort for the day to day that is more than a "nice to have" after a few months non-stop.
1. I would hope to stay in warmer climates and follow the routes and weather timetables outlined in Jimmy Cornell's books. 2. I'm planning on situations such as this- Have a friend meet me in an Italian port, cruise for a week or so, drop him or her off then sail solo to say, St. Tropez, meet another friend and repeat the process.When the winds are right, sail from the Med across to Fla for the winter to see family and hopefully explore the Caribbean. Your point about not expecting the same utilitarian outlook from others is a great one I had not really considered. Why three years? It was a number that I felt would allow me to see as much of the world as possible before I embarked on the next phase of my life and start another business venture. Everything is fluid, nothing set in stone. Having flexibility is very much the whole point of what I am planning and working for. If I grow weary of the plan, cash out early. If I am having a blast, feel more and more confident in my seamanship and meet a 23 year old French model that wants to join me, I can extend my plans. Find the best yacht for my needs, tie up all loose ends, make a few smart(and safe) investments and earn passive income for awhile before I need to make a permanent decision as to what's next. "You can't change your plans unless you have one"- Gladwell
Thank you!
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