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Singlehanding a PSC37???

Looking for some how-to's regarding singlehanding a PSC37. Some specific questions:

* Mainsail is pretty heavy to haul up without jumping at the mast while pulling the halyard. Anyone come up with some kind of mechanical advantage solution here?

* Same type of question with the genny... When tacking & gybing every once in a while the genny is very heavy due to incorrect timing (on my part) or heavier weather. Any options besides just pulling out of the tack or gybe slightly to lessen weight?

* When tacking or gybing, what +/- degrees would you suggest to use with the autopilot, plus anything unique to the PSC37 when tacking or gybing singlehanded?

* I have looked at a few singlehanded docking solutions for other sailboats. Seems knowing the balance point bow to stern is pretty important. Does anyone know this for a PSC37? Any suggestions on docking a PSC37 singlehanded?

* A related question, if you have used a jackline, where are you connecting it?

Any suggestions in this arena are appreciated!
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