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My how America has changed, we now live fully in fear of our government and pray that they do not come over and take our rights. We appease them with concessions just to hang onto a mere morsel and continually give ground to the corporation of American states.

A few bad apples in derelict barges ruining it for the rest of us? It's not an acceptable argument nor is it relevant to the open and free use of navigable waters.

The pollution argument exceeds stupid as cruisers could not hope to even become noticeable in comparison to the dumping of raw sewage "your government" and "corporations" combined with chemicals and fertilizers needed to grow grass, that doesn't grow naturally in Florida. directly into the waters.

The challenge here is that decent people actually care about the environment and take a step back when confronted with this argument as they care. The government and corporations see the environment as a tax angle to redirect monies to themselves and corporations. So be completely clear, that the government is fine with anchoring or any practice as long as they can tax it - it's really that simple.

I would suggest working with your local Tea Party to learn how to be effective in protecting your freedoms, these ordinary citizens have put some fear in the government (which I didn't think could be done). No matter what your political persuasion, freedom is a common bond for all of us and less government means less idiots trying to steal our freedoms. I think we can all agree to that.
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