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Originally Posted by PCP View Post
bb74, I am really interested in understanding what you are saying. This is one of the boats I am interested in and I would like to sort it out any problem. It really would not be a problem if it is sorted out first since the guys from Salona are very helpful and can change the rigging to adapt to particular needs.

So if you can explain better what you mean I would appreciate

The photo I have posted, is of a 110% Genoa. It goes inside the inner stay. On the other photo you have a 140% Genoa, it goes outside the stays. I don't understand what is the problem you see with the use of a light geenaker, the geenaker, even a code 0 will not go to the traveller, but to the back of the boat.

For whatever reason, I can't post photos but I think you caught my points for the most part. The foresail track and overlap on the main sheet line limits sail size, shape and tuning ability. I'd guess anything more than a 110 and less than a 130 is a possible issue. It doesn't appear you could properly tune a sail in this "size". The 140 appears OK but by looking at this rigging, I think you are looking at possible chafing on the rigging pointing at max. Maybe this isn't an issue. It is something I would look into on the boat itself. I haven't been on one but it looks like this would be the case. It would be interesting to get their feedback on main/foresail balance in the 110 to 140 range. Clearly some considerations they've engineered around there so I think one could assume it's meant to work with a 110 or 140.

I think I understand what you mean but I don't understand how it can happen, unless it is badly designed and that should be difficult. The rigging set up is designed by the boat architecht and fine tunned by the resident naval architect that is a good sailor, with the contribution of Salona clients that are mostly racers. I think the system is designed in a way that the 110% Genoa or smaller sail, will work on the track forward of the German sheet line and the 140% Genoa or bigger on the track aft that sheet. I will ask them but I am pretty sure that the system will work smoothly.

The spinnaker blocks are very near to the wheels at easy reach of a solo sailor. Can you explain this better?

Your spinnaker pulley/block is behind the mainsail winch, which is behind the foresail winch. As the german sheet system is under deck, make sure the outlet pulley (to the winch) can provide access to both winches. Purely by the angle in the pics, I doubt you should look at rigging the mainsail sheet on the foresail winch. Too much angle and likely friction. So assuming that, you're basically hand-managing a spinnaker on a 41 footer because otherwise you're crossing the cockpit to your off station foresail winch. A bit messy. perhaps you can bring this back to the companionway winch..?? Need to confirm if the deck mouldings and angles allow this. As it is currently set-up, I don't see a way you can bring the spinnaker lines to the foresail winch so even having blockers on these may not be of great benefit. I know you don't always need a winch for the spi if the tackle and blocks are sized appropriately. I do know from experience that it's better to have the option to winch it down. Opposite side, you would need a winch for the spinnaker pole so again, similar challenge, and you absolutely need the winch to manage the pole. Maybe the logic is station 1 helm & main, station 2 windward sheet off the block, station 3 pole + halyard in the companionway, station 4 foredeck...?

You need clean access to a sheet winch to set the Gennaker or Spi in medium wind and I don't see how this works (yet) on this boat with the set-up. If you lose the mainsheet winch, how do you control the main? Nitpicking for some, I'm sure. I don't doubt they've thought these things thru at Salona, and it would be interesting to get their thoughts and recommendations.

Best regards.

Probably the only thing I would like to add is to put blocks identical to the ones from the spinnaker before the genoa sheet reachs the winch. That way I can have the genoa on while I use the winch to set a geenaker or a spinnaker.


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