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Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
Dear all,
I have read through all pages. Interesting reading. I have myself been through several boats during the last 10 years looking for the perfect boat and so far not succeeded. What I am looking for is a 38-40 feet deck saloon, with a sailing friendly cockpit (big or double wheels, side coamings to sit on with good looks forward,single handed set up) and with good sailing performance. The best pick so far (an Olsen 38 P 1995) was lost in fire so I bought under time pressure an Beneteau Oceanis 40 2007 and after getting tired of the frequent broaches I bought a Dehler 43 CWS 1993 2 years ago. It is ticking many boxes and was well before its time with furler under deck, all sheets and haylards below deck to 2 electrical winches at the doubled steering wheels, fold down bathing platform etc. It is also stiff and very reluctant to loose rudder grip. But, as an old windsurfer would like, it does not take off even if it is a very fast boat. At those (rare) days when everything is perfect, strong winds from the right direction etc. and you expect to enjoy the sailing it is as dissapointing as all previous boats. 8 knots, 8,5 knots perhaps 9,5 knots and then thats it. But in the next puff it will fly you think but not much more happens.

I did hit 13,5 knots sailing it home from Germany to Sweden but that was with 22 m/s from behind and with only one reef in the big main.

So once again I am contemplating a new boat and I have been looking at the Elan 350 (too small), RM 1200 and 1060, Azzuree 40, and Wauquiez Opium 38. After reading through all these pages I am though more and more pessimistic about if I will get these boat doing so much more speed. I like to bring with me things that make the summer sailing nice, that is bikes, windsurfing boards, dinghy etc. so I am afraid that these modern twin rudder wide stern boats will not take off either, as I am spoiled with from my windsurfng board.
Welcome to the Sailnet and particularly to this thread

I agree partially with bb74 in what regards the speed of your boat in comparison with the other boats you mention.

You are right, the Dehler 43 CWS was a very good boat and it can still stand as a fast boat. It is relatively light (8.7T) but also with a relatively small sail area (86m2). It was 3.95M of beam and 11.55M of LWL.

A RM 1200 weights 7.8T and has a 99.5 m2 of sail area with 4.22m of beam and 11.42m of LWL. With the same charge the RM will be considerably faster on light winds and will go considerable faster downwind. The bigger beam and stern gives an overall small weight distribution and makes it easier to plan.

Of course an Opium 39 with only 5000kg of weight, 87m2 of sail area, 4.18m of beam and an LWL of 11.02m will probably be faster than the RM at least by the same margin the RM is to your boat.

They announce a Max charge for the Opium 39 of 2600kg and that is a lot. If you cruise with half of that, I am sure the RM will still be a very fast boat.

If we consider the 1300kg (half charge) - 510kg of tankage - 4 adults X 85kg we still have 450 kg for provisions and equipment. That is a possible cruising charge but only for coastal cruising and to the ones that don't like to carry a lot of stuff. Sure you can have 1800kg for provisions and equipment and that will give it passage autonomy but at the cost of speed, at least till the provisions are eaten

The boat that is most adapted for what I think you want would not be the RM 1200, but the RM 1350 (cruising fast with a considerable load). This one, like the RM 1200 can be sailed from the interior, has a big loading capacity and is a lot faster than the RM1200. Even with more than what you carry in your boat this boat would be at half charge and would sail fast and plan easily with 16/17K winds. The RM 1350 with 17/18K of wind is an easy 10/11K sailing boat (from 65 up).

video Voilier RM 1350 Cruising Bird premiere sortie au pays basque - coaching, location voiliers, hendaye - video kewego

The RM 1350 is a fast boat that doesn't give the sensation to be a fast boat. The boat is very stable, heel very little and you have to look at the instruments to understand that you are going really fast (except with lots of wind, downwind were the boat can be fun, safe and very fast).

Anyway, I agree with bb74 in one thing: With medium or strong winds, close to the wind your boat is hard to beat, and even if some of the other boats I have pointed out can be faster, it would not be a big difference.

If that pilot-house capacity is not a priority ( and I understand that for the ones that sail in Sweden it can really make sense) and If you want a fast boat that is not especially optimized for downwind sailing, but more of an all around performer with a good interior then you can also consider the Salona 41. 7.2T of weight and 111m2 of sail gives you an idea of the boat speed potential.

I you want really a fast downwind sailing boat with a good interior why not to wait 9 months for the new Elan 40?



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