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Originally Posted by 123456Wannasail654321 View Post
So my dream continues to be a dream. It comes and goes but always comes back.

So why do Albin vega (27) seem to be so much cheaper that other bots of similar age and length? and are these good boats?
They are great Boats with a cult like following
I've never seen anything on any boat (except hunter and bayliners) that sain ANY boat was bad.

Various thoughts:

What is meant buy initially tender"
They heal easy initially, then stiffen up.

What is the demographics of a sailboat owner vs. a power boat owner. For instance I myself have no really considered a power boat. I seem to be drawn to sailing although I've little experience to sailboats OR powerboats? I've no understanding of this.
Really to broad of a question, preference is preference...

Which is safer in a storm in the ocean (say fifty miles out) far enough out that you cannot run for port. Say some thunderstorm pop up while you are out there. a sailboat or a powerboat? say both are 27 feet long.
Depends on the Boat, sailor, and all the rest of the variables.

What do you do if when in a sail boat if your port is in the wind and you motor conks out?
Stay out until the weather breaks or start tacking.

What if your motor conks out in a power boat (of course the wind does not matter)
You're at the mercy of the sea and better get a tow!

I beg you indulgence on this post.
Hope this helps.

You can't steer a boat that isn't moving? Just like a life - P. Lutus

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