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Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
.. One thing I would like to comment is that my Dehler has a 37 sqm jib and a 61 sqm main (I put in some more roach) so sail area quite OK but not as big as in the Salona.

That is outstanding, even if I don't know how do you managed to pass from 86m2 to 98m2. I don't think more roach is enough. You have a much bigger mast than the one on this Dehler 43, that I think is the standard boat?

I have following the new Dehler 40 and the boat in its standard version will have 8280kg and only 92m2 of sail and that would make it probably slower than your boat and the Dehler 40 is suposed to be a fast boat.

Are you sure your boat has 98m2 of sail?

Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
I have test sailed the RM1200 and visited the RM1350. RM1200 is very nice but a little bit too big. It had the single rudder configuration and I found it as prone to broaching as the Beneteau Oceanis. The twin rudder option would be a must. It was also slamming harder than the Benetau going to windward. I found the 1350 not giving that much more than the 1200 and it is of course even bigger than the 1200.
I have also test sailed the RM1200, but not the 1350. The numbers and speeds that I have seen refereed by people that have sailed the 1350 and by testers point to a fast boat. On the last Route du Rhum there was one racing, naked and optimized, with a single keel and the boat was as fast as some 40class racers, and that is fast

What I think we agree is that the RM1200 and possibly the RM1300 don't give too much sensations at the wheel, or tiller.

When you say that the RM1200 is " as prone to broaching as the Beneteau Oceanis "(40) I guess that you have tried the boat when you had already the Dehler The Oceanis 40 is one of the cruisers with less ballast/weight ratio and if you carry too much sail, there it goes, really easy.

I don't believe it is fair to say that the RM 1200 broaches as easily as the Oceanis 40. The RM carries a lot of sail and it is designed to sail with not too much heel. If you have too much sail, it will broach, but at a very different speed and with more wind. The RM 1200 has a much bigger stability if compared with the Oceanis 40.

Of course, you can not compare it with the Dehler. It is a completely different type of boat, the Dehler is a narrower boat, with a smaller hull stability but with a bigger Ballast/weight ratio (to compensate the smaller hull stability). That means that the Dehler will sail with a lot more heel and can take a lot more heel without broaching, but that is just natural and it has to do with the different design philosophy.

Saying that I would say that they should have already mounted a twin rudder on the RM1200. That will make it more difficult to broach.

Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post

I am not looking for a pilot huse as much as for a deck saloon. If I am anchored in the nature or in a busy harbour I would like to be able to see the scenery even at night or in bad weather.
You are not the only one. Me and my wife share your opinion. If she choose the boat she would settle for a Southerly 42 (we have not the money for one, so that settles the problem wit my wife) I want a fast boat, a good looking boat and one that can be fun to sail. The only relatively small one that I know that ticks all the boxes is the Luffe 43DS. My wife likes that one also, but unfortunately it is also too expensive for us. So I guess that we would have to live with a small port hull, just to have some view to the scenery.



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