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More Natural Remedies

Since Bill Mahaffy’s column on seasickness appeared, SailNet has received numerous letters from readers telling us about their own theories and practices for dealing with mal de mer. Recently Mahaffy ran across a product claiming to neutralize seasickness. He briefly discusses it in this addendum to his article.

- - the Editor

More natural remedies

I came across an interesting product called Motion Eaze that claimed to be a remedy for seasickness. I contacted the distributor who told me that the product was a highly concentrated formula of herbal oils. You place a small dab of the oil behind each ear, and, according to the Motion Eaze people, your seasickness will go away in 3 to 5 minutes, even if you are already throwing up.

According the to spokesperson for Motion Eaze, there are no anticholinergic side effects.

Since I have not tested the remedy and have not been able to find any research on it, I cannot make any judgment how well it works, if at all.