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My kind of boats

Originally Posted by nemier View Post
Hello PCP,
I'm just checking in, to see if you have made any decisions on your next boat purchase? I'm personally no further ahead, but I have not sold my existing boat yet so there is certainly not much I can do until that time comes. Hopefully this season eh?

I'm sitting in Dubai Airport running through this thread from start to finish (keeping me out of trouble for a few hours and I wondered if you have made your decision? If not, please reveal your short-list.

I'm finding this thread incredibly interesting. Thanks again for it.
Hi Nemier,

I missed you, please post more

Yes I guess that I have found my boat, but I am limited in what regards budget. I prefer not to say right now because it can bring bad luck . Let me see if all things go smoothly right and in 15 days I will know. Anyway the boat I will chose for me it is just the one that fits my criteria: Fast but relatively comfortable, one that I can find beautiful and one that I can sail solo and where I felt at home...but most of all, one that I can pay and that in many cases depend not only of the boat price but on the deal you can have...and I had some good offers. This is a good time to buy a new boat

If I didn't have a limited budget I would probably chose a Luffe 43ds. I would even be tempted by a "regular" Luffe 43, or I would wait one or two years for the one that is going to replace the Luffe 43. I think It is going to deserve the wait. Other boats that I would seriously consider: The Arcona 43 and The Grand Soleil 43, both beautiful and fast boats.

Now, the boats that I have been looking into and that fit my actual budget are the First 40 versus the Elan 380. The Elan 380 won. The First has not a decent anchor locker, neither a decent storage on the outside and the new CR is heavy and made in monolithic. I had a very good offer on a top of line Elan 380, carbon mast and all. Beautiful boat with a good interior. Very tempting. The boat costs not much more than the Elan 350 it is faster, and as I am not interested in racing and ratings, I would prefer it over the 350. Better interior better sea motion and better water tankage.

Those two would be the rational choice regarding my budget, but if I stretch it to the unreasonable limit or even a little beyond I would be dreaming about two other boats, the Dehler 40 versus the Salona 41.

Okay, the Dehler 40 is only in paper but that's why I can have a good price on it. I have looked at the drawings and I like it, all of it. I have been inside the 45 and I know the 40, as the 45, will have a sweet finish. Regarding the Salona 41, I have been several times inside the boat and I love it. Not so well finished as the Dehler but better than the Elan (the materials are better). The boat has also an inox steel grid to distribute the charges from the keel and the shrouds and I love the simplicity and efficiency of it. It is a item that only much more expensive boats have, like the X yachts, the Luffe or Grand Soleil.

Between the two I will chose the Salona, because even if they are selling the Dehler at an promotional (excellent) price, I can have a top boat with Salona while on the Dehler I would just have a standard boat and believe me a standard Dehler would make a big difference to a top Dehler 40, in price and in performance. For the price of a Standard Dehler you could have a Salona that can probably beat the top Dehler, not that I am interested in racing but it pisses me to be overtaken .



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