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Originally Posted by cormeum View Post
Wassa matter Cal, haven't you learned to "Love the Bomb"?
Oh, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't shed a tear if the entire Horn of Africa was turned into a giant plate of molten glass by a latter-day Gen. Ripper and Maj. Kong. The problem is we have too many Lt. Mandrakes running the show.

But the constraints of this thread put that line of argument right out. Or so I thought.

I don't, however, think that the concept of "ignore it and it will go away" will work here. Seems like every time a piracy story breaks they're moving farther and farther out. As a practical matter, yachts and small vessels should definitely be avoiding that area, true enough. But they're going to keep going farther and farther out. Before you know it, they'll be into the Red Sea, down south of Madagascar, and over towards India.

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
You Americans can put your guns away as that isn't on your Foreign Policy and won't happen.
Well, since there are US Navy ships in the area, and we are holding pirates on board those ships at this very moment, that's not strictly true, is it?

I'm not advocating that we go pirate hunting, or sending SeALs out of their way to scour every square mile of the Indian Ocean on search parties. But when the US Navy happens to find them and take them alive, there really is no convincing practical argument against summary execution.
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