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Originally Posted by jcalvinmarks View Post
What do you mean, "especially" the US? Or what? We'll be regarded as bullies? We'll be denigrated and berated in front of the UN? People in other, smaller countries will make snide comments about us?
Well basically yeah that is what I mean't. Also I would suggest that there might be a fair amount of domestic backlash as well. I think you have got me wrong....... I personally am not against the use of force at all, Nor was I meaning to sound like I was US bashing.......I was stating a fact, that western countries with democratic governments generally won't go around hanging people without judicial process in 2011.

Originally Posted by jcalvinmarks View Post
The point was that no, executing them on the spot isn't going to solve it. But we'll do no worse that way than pussyfooting around with them, trying to figure out where to bring them to court.

If I had said "kill them all and let God sort them out," that would be one thing. That would have been absurd (case in point, see the post directly above this one). But the question was what can be done that would make a difference. Take a harder-line against pirates when you find them, that will make a difference. It may not solve the whole issue, but nobody seems to have an answer that does.
Hey I agree with all of the above!

I wasn't disagreeing with your sentiments at all, But I started this thread though because we have gone around and around with talk about using more force, not pussyfooting around blah blah blah and most agree on this, but how in practice can this happen in 2011 in the world we all live in???

Originally Posted by jcalvinmarks View Post
Incidentally, why is it the default position of the "educated" community that force is never an acceptable solution to any problem? You say "War is not the answer" (I don't know if you've ever said that, but I'm playing the odds here by guessing that it's a thought that has crossed your mind, if not your lips), and I say "that depends on the question."
Dude you read me wrong. I will say it again, I am not against the use of force. In this particular case I think it is the only thing that is going to work. I personally think we need to move beyond 'patrolling the waters'. I believe it will only be by targetting some of the land based chiefs, and land based resources/shelter that any success can be achieved and that this would also have to take place at the same time as some monumental sorting out the of government of Somalia. Hey thanks for compliment though, I have been called a few things on here before but never 'educated'.

Originally Posted by jcalvinmarks View Post
And by the way, the idea of executing pirates apprehended in the act while in international waters is not so unreasonable. If I'm not mistaken, there was a similar problem with piracy a few hundred years ago. How did they solve that, I wonder? Is it barbaric? Yes, it is. But if playing patty-cakes is so damn effective, why is this problem not already solved?
Dude we did alot of things differently 200 years ago......I agree with your sentiments but again it's just good old Sailnet Chest thumpin' Rambo talk.......I will say it again like it or not no modern government is going to execute people without judicial process.

Besides like we have said killing the boys in the boats is probably not going to do anything to change to situation, as the next day there will be more boys in another boat.... So how do we actually get tough??

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