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WTF ?? Really !!!
The very people that it may effect , the Sailing Community, cannot even come to a concensous. I don't know how many of you have been involved with these type of people, but they would have have no compunctions about slitting your throat and sending you to the " Locker ". The average person cannot fathom just exactly what kind of murderous animals these " pirates " are. Remember, these types of people DO NOT place that same value on human life as you do. I was drafted, sent to Vietnam and became familiar with the " locals " in an intimate way. I quickly came to think of the
M60 & M79 as my close personal friends. I do not condone nor will I suggest that any offensive tatics should be taken by private individuals. That being said, if you cannot or will not embrace the reasons to obtain the hardware and aquire the skills to use that hardware to at least be in a good defensive position ... STAY AWAY FROM THAT AREA. If a coalition was formed to set up a good defensive position and starve the animals that are hunting you, their chances of survival will dwindle to nothing. BTW, isn't Xe still in business?

It is better to have and not need .. than to need and not have.
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