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Originally Posted by PeterSailer View Post
This is my father's Cal 34, I've been sailing with him for 6 year now and I will soon join the Canadian Forces and I need a sailboat... I also bought my self a nordica 16 a few year ago ( i know i know, but I was working part time at mc Donald's after school hours ) and I'm sick and tired of sailing a very small sailboat without a self baling cockpit... after all, i'm used to sail a 34 footer.

I never really like the Roberts either, I like narrow, low free board sailboat way better.

Can I ask you why you wouldn't go back to a full keel?

If I end up without a full keel, I you have some thing like a Contessa 32, I think they're great boat.
It just seems to me that the purported advantages of a full keel are somewhat illusary. Our fin keel VDS is no more difficult to sail in any of the conditions we have been in than our old full keeler, she is certainly every bit as directionally stable in any wind as the older girl while the fin keel has several advantages over the full such as overall better performance particularly to windward, downwind in a following swell and of under motor in reverse. Of course she is skegless. If she had a skeg the motor thing would not apply as much but our old full keeler was utterly uncontrollable in reverse.

Contessa 32 ? Fine and dandy. One of my favourite boats from way back then. Bit tight for this tired old body to squeeze into for long term cruising but for a young bloke, why not. That presumes of course you realise she is not fast compared to modern designs but I'm guessing you know that.

I'd much rather a Contessa or the like and run the risk of whacking that floating container than be forced to put up with a slow old tub like a Roberts TT. Maybe I am kidding myself but I somehow feel that the semi submerged container is waiting for you scare is just another bogey man sent to spread panic amongst the women, children and small furry marsupials.

I'd still love to know what is was that clobbered Gringo.

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