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Originally Posted by willyd View Post
I looked at some of your other posts, and if you're looking for tiller time, this may be your trip.
Oh the background check! But yeah that would be fine. I'm trying to get more sailing experience. Last fall I got ASA 103 at a sailing school Michigan.

Can your boat hold 3 people? I take it you're planning on sailing for most of the day and then dropping anchor or docking at a camp ground for the nights with the focus of being on looking at what's on shore and not getting anywhere that quickly.

If you're looking to motor between yacht clubs and waterfront restaurants, it ain't.
No, those are expensive!

But aren't you in one of those flat states in the middle of the country? How would you get out here?
I'm from Peoria, Illinois, I'm 23 and want to go sailing and have some of the related adventure. We have the Illinois river here. It's the usual situation where there are mostly motor boats who have to stay at the dock now because they can't afford gas. So yeah getting there is the hardest part. An advance purchase Greyhound ticket to Baltimore is $95.00. Is that close enough?

The Great Lakes are somewhat closer but sailing opportunities don't come up that often, as far as I know. I think I would have to travel to a coast for most sailing opportunities.

Oh, and one other rule comes to mind: no listening to headphones while on watch. Bad idea.
Not that I would do that, but does that go closer to the top of your list of rules or near the bottom next to needing to know native Indian languages?

Also, I assume RSA certificate is not related to encryption, so what is it?

You also started a thread on getting a bluewater boat for under $10,000.
Thanks for the information. I was thinking about what could be possible in the future if I got good sailing experience and some of the friends that I have who showed initial interest in such an adventure continue to be interested and could be severed from Facebook for more than a day. The odds of that happening aren't so high though.

I just finished going up the James and York rivers on Google Earth. Yeah it looks like you can't get past Richmond on the James. I saw more and more shoals the farther West I went. It looks like canoe and rafting area past that.

Originally Posted by willyd
Originally Posted by badsanta
Would you mind other boats taging along, sounds like something I would like to do.
Yes, I suppose, though I'm not sure how much "tagging" you will do - I'm pretty slow. And no sniggering at my paint job.
Maybe the person in the lead could by pull those behind with a rope or do you call that a "line"!

It would be great if this works out! There are probably others who are a lot closer though.
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