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Originally Posted by maxivalt View Post
Articles (links) you publish are 6 years old (year 2005)
Here is 2010 corruption index:
Corruption index 2010 from Transparency International: find out how each country compares | News |
If we compare it with 2005 corruption index:
Corruption by country. Definition, graph and map.
we can conclude that corruption in Croatia is decreasing and, also,
we can conclude that corruption in United States are growing (2005 ranked 17, in 2010 ranked 22).
so, do NOT go sailing in United States becouse corruption there is growing

How nonsensical conclusion..isn't it?

Yes...I'm Croatian.
Can you tell me to which Croatian marinas did you send requests?
It makes no sense to compare the US index on corruption with the Croatian one. On those tables countries are classified from 10 (no corruption) to 0 (absolute corruption.

US had scored in 2005-7.6 in 2008 7.3 in 2009 7.5 in 2010 7.1. It is normal some yearly divergence but the country had scored well, always above 7 and the variation is not significant.

Croatia had scored 3.4 in 2005, 4.4 in 2008, 4.1 in 2009, 4.1 in 2010. It scored around 4 and if we cannot say that the corruption is increasing we can say that the figures are pretty bad and that don't show a significant improvement.

Regarding Croatia, I have liked the country and its population to the point as to chose the place to live some months in a year, and I have said that I have not noticed corruption, but then I was not in a situation where I could have noticed it. Regarding you being a Croat I think that given the nature of your posts you should have said that in first place. Nobody is "neutral" about its own country and that's only natural .

I have contacted about 12 big marinas and some have taken 8 days for giving an answer. I find it odd. A big marina has a permanent staff and they should now pretty well if they have annual places available or not. And then this is not the only "odd" thing: For instance the Dubrovick marina (an ACI marina and that means they have different prices but the same rules for all, rules that are available in their site) when I have asked for a place 6 month in the water and 6 month out of the water offered me an annual place with the boat out of water because they had no available places in the water. Ok, than I have asked for a winter 6 month place for the boat out of the water, one modality that is contemplated in the ACI marinas papers and documents:

Dubrovnik Marina price list - Storage on land: Note: semi-annual (winter season) contract can be concluded in the period from October till April.

All ACI marinas opened all year round that offer the possibilities of storage on land according to availability in the period from October 1st till April 30th offer storage on land for 6 months. The Contract for period of 6 months can be concluded starting from October 1st with the expiration deadline on April 30th. Upon request this type of Contract can be concluded after October 31st but the expiration deadline remains April 30th.
The price of semi-annual (winter season) storage on land is half the cost of annual storage on land in each ACI marina increased by 10%.

Adriatic Croatia International Club //

Well, after all they don't have it . So they have an year long annual place on land but don't have one just for the winter? Since in the summer is the time where there are more land berths available (they are even less expensive) It seems obviously to me that if they have one for all year they will have one for the winter. It seems also clear to me that they don't want to rent that place by the price they advertise on the ACI site. That means they don't go by the book, that they have the place and that this is a question of money. So I have to pay more than what they have on the papers. How much more, to whom?



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