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Originally Posted by tdw View Post
Yeah the issue of traffic and whether or not SailNet is what it once was is an interesting topic.

Reality is that SailNet traffic has steadily increased over time albeit with the occasional blip downwards. A comparison of traffic between the major international sailing forums shows that the numbers in comparison to Sailing Anarchy, Cruisers Forums, YBW and SailNet have shown an upward trend for SailNet this calendar year of around 35%. YBW is currently running at number one followed by SailNet, Cruisers Forum and then Sailing Anarchy.

That said the difference between the four is minute in real terms and can change markedly over any quarter. SA e.g. received a big fillip during the AC and is down since, SN has had a big increase this year but is down the last seven days.

Like all forums SailNet ultimately lives and breathes from the input of the posters. If we have some vibrant well attended threads (PCP's wonderful 'Interesting Sailboats' thread is a perfect example) then we thrive. Enter a boring phase and the post count dives. Such it is.

Its also fair to say that quantity does not imply quality, that is far more subjective.
Good points. It's pretty much the antithesis of the crap some doom-and-gloomers try to spin. SN is doing really well....and the reports of its demise/murder/death/whatever are greatly exaggerated...and obviously ridiculous. This place rocks!

Now about that "Interesting Sailboats" thread...
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