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Insuring a Ferrocement Boat

I am looking for insurance for my ferrocement sailboat. Even though she is in perfect condition, I am having problems finding a company that will insure her.

Christian Boutet

Mark Matthews responds:

Like all other types of boats, there are good and bad ferrocements. Unfortunately, they take a bad rap overall, due in large part to the legions of poorly constructed ferrocement boats built in backyards that ultimately met demise at sea. Actually, I have the same problem insuring my fiberglass boat because it's 30 years old. You can try our insurance company
but I have the feeling it mirrors a lot of what's out there.

Ferro boats are more widely accepted in Europe and South Africa, and you might be able to find an underwriter there to help you, but most non-US insurance companies no longer write liability policies for boats sailed in the US due to our litigious nature.