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From Propane to Butane

My parents have sailed across the Atlantic to France where they ran out of propane fuel for their Shipmate stove, forcing them to covert to butane.  However,  I have searched in vain for the vendor, which was once located in Soderton, PA, as a division of the Richmond Ring Co. Can you help locate them or suggest another resource that can help with the retrofit?

John Kretschmer responds:
I seem to remember that when we lived in Spain we had the same issue. The problem is not the gas; a propane stove will run fine on butane and vice versa. The problem is usually just the fitting on the propane hose. They should check into changing the fittings. In fact, there is usually an adapter. You might have better luck looking for that. I also have a Shipmate stove and it is virtually impossible to find parts. You might contact Sailorman in Ft. Lauderdale. Their number is (954) 522-6716. If I recall, the major difference between propane and butane is the scent.