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Holy cow !! I've only just stumbled upon your adventures. Sad omission on my part. Many SailNetters know my affection for Dylan Winter and his voyage around Britain in his little Van de Stadt Mirror Offfshore aka "The Slug" .... Keep Turning Left (shameless plug) but I'm thinking that this wee Sea Pearl and her crew may join the slug amongst my favourites.

Good on you for doing what you are doing and I'm going to enjoy following you from afar. Bestest to you both , bestest to Thurston the boat and I'm sorry to read about Thurston the cat.

Peoples, please check these guys out. It is not what most of us want to be doing but good heavens you would have to be dead inside not to admire them for it. This is their ride ...

They started in Seattle WA and are now in Nicaragua. No they didn't sail all that way but its the how they are going about it that is as interesting as the travelogue. Talk about the road less travelled !!.

From their blog ..

We sailed back to Livingston, where we cleared out of Guatemala. Then we began coasting along Honduras, which has very few harbors. The distance to the next is often too great to reach in a day and there is much uncertainty due to fickle winds and heavy swells which may or may not block entry into the various river mouths. On November 4, 2010 we entered the Rio Motagua, wilderness boundary between Guatemala and Honduras. Surf was breaking on the sand bars at the river mouth, but we found a channel deep enough for the swells to pass without toppling. Halfway in we jumped out to walk the boat through, the waves knocked us around trying to release Thurston from our grasp. Once inside we hid in a swampy side channel and slept among tall grasses growing in the water, near a tree in which white storks were roosting. Crabs, crickets, and cockroaches climbed aboard from the surrounding vegetation, requiring many minor evictions.

The Adventures of Ginny and Steve!

Home (A Sea Pearl enthusiast' website)

Welcome to Marine Concepts (The builder's website)

Pics and quote were taken from their blog. I'm thinking that Ginny and Steve will not object so I hope you don't mind. Say so if you do and I'll remove them.

Andrew B (Malö 39 Classic)

“Life is a trick, and you get one chance to learn it.”
― Terry Pratchett.

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