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The Right Fuel Tank

I would like to replace the fuel tank on my sailboat. Since I want to install it below decks, I have explored two options. One is the Nauta flexible tank, which is slightly more expensive, but appears easier to install. The other is a Tempo plastic tank, which is cheaper but will require a more complex installation. It seems I'd need to glass-in a number of support brackets to position and secure the tank. Which is the best option?

Don Casey responds:
I have used flexible tanks, but I never was very comfortable with them. I know that most offshore powerboats use them, with success, for distance record attempts, so relatively staid service in a sailboat shouldn't be a problem. My choice, however, is a rigid tank, well secured.

Glassing in a cradle to strap the tank to isn't difficult, and you can be sure that the tank is not going to come adrift or rupture. Cross-linked polyethylene tanks suitable for diesel fuel are available in literally hundreds of sizes and shapes. There are several companies that make these tanks including Tempo. (You can find a selection of Tempo tanks right here in SailNet's Store.) Good luck to you.