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Paulo had a thread on here a while ago, and it was in some magazines about Jan to march this year, on an SO37 that lost its keel during a charter, and it took two other charter's to realize the keel was off the boat. So yes, that does show that hull form can help stability. BUT, with that, I do also see how the B/D being higher helps too. Altho a less B/D with a large chunk of lead way down can be better than a chuck of lead up higher creating a higher B/D ratio, but the righting moment is not as high. With that in mind, try to find that ratio, ie righting moment along with the B/D of the boat. I would prefer a light B/D with a higher righting moment.

oops, on edit, it was back in November for the thread, so it happened last summer.....
Sailing on without noticing they had lost the keel!!!

You are correct, SAD is about 10% more, but 22-1 around my part of the world would be good, but 24 to 26-1 in days like yesterday for me, where the wind is less than 8 knots all day, can make a BIG difference in if you stay moving.


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