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Thanks for all the comments! And some of you may be right, I just like being outside the box a bit. And Islanderguy, you are correct, I have thought of the things you mention. First, a float on the mast to keep in from becoming a turtle, and even some thought to a controlled knockdown close to shore to see what it would take to right the boat if it did go over. No cavities in the boat to get stuck in. I do have a chase boat to try it out with. No motor or fuel on board and only essential sailing personnel on board in proper safety gear to find out how it will sail.

There are no plans out there for a boat of this kind. My plan is to use the parts off my Mac 22 and design the forestay and shrouds, etc to match the angles and heights of the Mac 22. The Mac, of course, has a 650 centerboard which I would not want on this craft. I plan to mimic the rudder of the Mac, only have two of them. The dagger board is the real problem, and I think I will design it so I can easily move it fore and aft and also up and down, and even try several sizes to see what works. I do know that many cats that do not have a centerboard are designed that way for safety. They get a lot of leeway, but will not knock down easily because the leeway takes to pressure off.

Tacking or running close hauled is the only problem I see, and I might find out that is what the motor is for!! Be like drift fishing . . . run up wind, pull the sails and go back!!

I would, however, like to know if anyone out there would have any input as to why the pontoon floats would not work as well as the hulls of a small cat. Other than the fact of there is no storage space and the cat hulls may have more weight. And weight is no problem, it is easy to add weight. Of course performance could then be an issue. It would be quite easy to add water ballast when running up wind to keep the boat from heeling. How fast you could add the water would be the issue.

Again thanks for the thoughts.

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