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Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
Hi Paulo,
Thank you for your feed back. As I wrote before, these kinds of contradictionary test results, if one can say that, is still confusing me. Yacht and other magazines praise the Opium and Elan 350 as the future and as very fun and fast boats. At the same time they do not seem that fast and not so willing to plane downwind.

A shallow draft is not a must for us even if the 2,15 on the Opium starts to be close to acceptable.
Regards, Anders

They are very fast boats, and the Pogo 12.50 is the fastest downwind but we are comparing them with other performance very fast boats. The 12.50 is faster downwind but would be less fast and comfortable upwind with waves and a formed sea than for instance a Salona 41, a J122 or a First 40 (performance version). At least is what the race results show and not with the cruising version but with the racing version. I have already posted about the comparative results on several Sydney-Hobarts, mostly an upwind race.

And those other boats also plane downwind, just not as easy and not so fast.

I would say that in what regards performance boats you have two tendencies that are represented by those boats we are talking about: J122, First, Salona, X yacht, Luffe, and on the other side: Elan 350, Pogo, Kobe and so on.

The first are better upwind (with waves) the second are better downwind (that does not mean that they are slow upwind) and more easy to sail, specially downwind.

They are all fun and fast boats. The choice is yours. If you have doubts just try both types.

If you can accept a 2.1 draft I would not go for a swing keel, I would be afraid of maintenance problems. Mechanically that seems to me a lot more complicated than a lifting keel and the forces needed are a lot bigger.

Even the Pogo has fixed keels with reasonable draft, as the Salona or the J122 ( a like it a lot, with the exception of the price ).



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