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Originally Posted by Boasun View Post
Actually for those of you who have nothing to do with Navigation... The time zones of most countries are determined by the fifteen degree Longitude for their areas. Some time zones are slid one way or another due to political stupidity, but there is nothing I can do about that.
Well it really has nothing to do with political stupidity (tho' there's certainly no shortage of that!). Time zones were agreed upon in the age of steam (trains) as a matter of allowing train operators to set train schedules. (Pre-time zones, locales set their watches/clocks by local apparent noon. A train scheduled to arrive in Denver as 12:00 always presented the question of where 12:00 was taken. At the destination? At the point of departure? Halfway between the two?) Zone lines/times were adjusted to account for matters such as the difficulty of having a portion of a city in one zone and the rest in another, eg Corpus Christi, Tx at 97º 30.00' W

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