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Originally Posted by srharvey View Post
Thanks for your replies. We are continuing to check various elements of the boat. We do find a slight difference in genoa car location, port to starboard. Also, one reply commented on a difference in tacks when the port water tank was filled. That's about 250 lbs. port side weight, what difference did you notice, we have sailed both with the tank full, to balance the boat equally, and with the tank empty using live balast.

Anyone have a comment on mast rake, we have not been able to get an answer from Sabre and do not have a sailplan yet that might show designed rake.

Both boats race with new, top quality sails.

Thanks for the follow-ups. srharvey

Ensure that your mast is actually staight from side-to-side and that the shroud tension on each side is sufficient to preserve that alignment when hard on the wind. If your mast falls off to starboard when you're on a port tack, your pointing ability will be effected. Raking the mast will move your CP but if your mast alignment or shroud tension are off, that will not influence pointing just your lead or lack thereof and the amount of rudder needed to maintain a steady course.

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