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I also read the so-called "comparative test" in Bateaux last year and certainly agree that it was a not well designed. But there were also no real surprises: the heavier Dufour was most comfortable upwind although the Opium and Pogo were not slower. As soon as one bears down a little, the lighter and more beamy Opium and Pogo beat the Dufour, except dead downwind when the symmetrical spinaker on the Dufour is more efficient.

This is also what we experienced during a one week sail with the Pogo 10.50. Not trying to sail too close to the wind makes the yacht much easier, with no real loss of VMG. An experienced Pogo 40 skipper we met before put it this way: these boats sail like a 470 dinghy, just bear down a little and enjoy.

The tested Pogo 40 and the Pogo 12.50, which is the new cruising version, are quite different. No more runners and not even a backstay but only very aft speaders, no more ballast tanks but only a distinctive chine in the hull. And very different deck and interior lay-outs, that have been redesigned for cruising purposes.

The most disputable item is again the interior, not only for Paulo , but at least it worked very well for us on the 10.50. Although I must admit that the broad smiles on both our son's faces when sailing double digit speeds probably somewhat influenced my beloved wife's opinion...

But I see you don't like canting keels either, Paulo. Although the Finot system seems to be well validated, starting with the First 22, then the First Class 8 and now on the Pogo 10.50, plus an increasing number of other French brands like Django and Malango. Have I missed the bad news?

Anyway, we will of course keep you updated as soon as our 12.50 will have become reality (ETA: next October).

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