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Originally Posted by EricKLYC View Post
And I would of course be very happy if there would be any chance to welcome you on board our boat Paulo, not only to have your expert opinion.

So you quite made up your mind about your own new yacht? I think everybody on this thread is very interested to hear about Paulo's final choice!
I would be very glad to meat you and sail a Pogo 12.50 but I am no expert. I like boats and I like to learn but I have yet a lot to learn .

Regarding my boat that means my choice, I hope it is an informed one, but that's just my choice of compromises including price and that's why I prefer to say nothing till I manage (or not) the boat I am after. If not I would probably buy a second hand boat and that would limit my choices to what is available.

If I had the money for it an Opium 39 would be an option. I am not sure about the Pogo 12.50, not about the sailing, that would be perfect, but about the interior. Never been inside one and I just don't know if it suits me (and my wife) for living aboard for some months. Anyway that it is not a problem because it is also too expensive for my budget .

some more information about the Opium 39.

I think Erick is right and that in open courses the Opium 39 is faster than the Dufour 40e even if a bit slower than the Pogo 12.50.

I have already said that my preferred magazine is Yacht magazine, a German one and I like the way they test the boats. They have said very well from the Dufour 40e, more than very well from the Salona 42 (the 41 with one wheel) but they really went ballistic with the Opium 39.

The measured speeds where:

Dufour 40e with 11 to 15K wind:

40 - 7.2K 60 - 8K 90 - 8.7K 130 - 8.3K 180 - 7.2K

Engine at 80% (40Ps) - 7.5K

Salona 42 with 8 to 10K wind:

40 - 5.8K 60 - 7.3K 90 - 8.3K 130 - 7.0K 170 - 6.2K

Engine at 80% (40Ps) - 8K

Opium 39 with 8 to 11K wind:

45 - 7.9K 60 - 9.3K 90 - 9.0K 130 - 7.8K

Engine at 80% (29 Ps) - 5.5K ( I have tried one with a 40 PS engine and the speed was not much better).

They have not tested the Pogo 12.50 but I am sure it will be a bit faster than the Opium 39 with identical sailing characteristics.

This is not the same has having the boats at the water at the same time but will give at least an idea.

Anders, I hope this helps, but nothing as test sail the boats if you can



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