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Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
The low speed while motoring for the opium (and Pogo?) is not a problem in itself for me since I do not like motoring either and prefer to wait for the right wind. It is little bit strange though, if it would be because of big wetted area at low speed the boats should be slow in light winds and it seems that the opium is not.
Probably it has to do with the absence of any hell. The boat when heeled has not a big wetted area. Take a look at a comparison between the wet area of a lighter boat with a hull like the Pogo with the wet area of an heavier and more traditional design. What matters is weight and the keel and ruder dimension. A boat like the Pogo only has more drag going upwind against waves.

Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
A little bit disturbing is that the Yacht test was conducted in so light wind. Doing 9 knots in 8-11 knots of wind is of course nice but it seems like that is also the limit, and that not that much more happens in 15-20 knots of wind, as in the french test. As I said before my main dissapointment with traditional performance/cruiser designs is that they do not take off and give a thrilling ride in 18-25 knots wind speed (without a crew and a spinnaker) and it seems that only a light Pogo 12.50 does that.
Hum, you are exaggerating. Even my old Bavaria 36 could go upwind over 9K (with 30K wind) and with no spinnaker under reefed sail.

For what I have saw from Polar speeds, by reading and talking with sailors, boats like the J 122, the Salona 41 or performance First 40 will go downwind (at the best speed angle, not VMG) typically around 10,5K with 20K wind, a bit over 12 with 25K wind and a bit over 13/14 with 30 K winds. They can also doing this with geenaker or with sufficient wind just with a genoa and a reefeed main.

The difference in speed for the Pogo will be probably about 2K and then it will increase over with 30K and over.

The other boats can really sail faster with a spinnaker and lots of wind. I have heard of speeds close to 20K but that is tricky and for that with those boats you need a good crew and to know a lot. The Pogo is a lot easier to sail downwind fast with a lot of wind.

Take a look at what I have said about it here:

A blue water sailer that can go in light winds

On the other hand boats like the Pogo going against the wind with heavy seas will be slower and less comfortable than the other type of performance boats.

On the overall balance regarding speed and easiness of handling the Pogo wins, but it all depends on what you value most and what type of sailing you are doing most of the time (upwind, downwind, weak winds, strong winds and so on).

Regarding the Opium I believe its speed downwind with 25/30K wind it will be in between the Pogo speed and the other more traditional performance cruisers.

Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
A rather well equipped Opium 39 costs appr €260 000 today..

That's at least 35 000€ out of my max budget

Anyway if you don't have a dealer in Sweden perhaps I can point you to a dealer that will offer you a better price. Yes I have tried to see if I could afford one



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