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Trailer Painting

I want to paint the bottom of my boat, but it is on a trailer, so is there a way to expose one side of a the hull above each pad so it can be painted? I was thinking about using a jack and jacking up the keel so the boat whould lean to one side and expose the side above the pad. Would this work or is there another way?

Sue & Larry respond:
Painting the bottom of a boat is never any fun, and the task becomes even harder when its sitting on a trailer. You may very well be able to jack up the keel as you suggest and paint under the pads. If you choose to do this, we think you should have at least one other person helping you, be extremely careful, and have the entire hull blocked and supported in some way so that if the jack slips out, you will not be crushed between the hull and the trailer.

Another option for painting the bottom is to do what we used to do on a 19 footer that we stored on a trailer. When it came time to renew the bottom paint, we left her sitting as usual on the trailer and painted up to and around the pads. We then launched her in the water and re-adjusted the location of the pads on the trailer. Wed haul her back out and after she dried, wed paint where the pads had been. After that wed re-launch her for the season. Maybe this could work for you too.

Good luck with your painting.

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