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In summary.....

I have been following and I have contributed posts to both the YBW thread, which at one point had reached 750 posts and 40,000 views, and the current Anything Sailing forum which is up to 517 posts and 13,750 views.

The following was revealed, and these are not allegations, they are facts, one of which have already been proven in this thread:

1. The Rocna anchor did not "win" the West Marine test, the results of which were reported in Sail, Yachting Monthly, and Power & MotorYacht magazines which Rocna has been falsely claiming since October 2006.

2. The Rocna anchor did not have "40% greater holding power than the next best anchor" in this test as they have falsely claimed since then as well.

3. Rocna falsely claimed that they possessed RINA certifications for their anchors which they clearly did not.

4. Craig Smith of Rocna purchased the domain name of a deceased competitor (Alain Poiraud) and this domain name is now pointed to a web site where this deceased competitor's product (Spade) is being denigrated.

Based on the above, and with these facts known, why anyone would consider purchasing the product of a company with so little integrity, or would even attempt to defend them, is matter how great their product might be.

A very serious issue now has yet to be resolved, and that is the composition of the steel material that Rocna is using for their Chinese anchors. Despite Rocna's claims, which people have trouble believing for obvious reasons, there is a great concern that this Chinese steel material is inferior to the steel used previously with the NZ and Canadian made anchors.

Readers in both forums (a new YBW forum started up after the one referenced above was closed) are anxiously awaiting the posting of the independent test results, which are expected next week.

If anyone would like more details regarding the above, then I would be glad to provide them.

Brian Sheehan
Fortress Marine Anchors

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